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Bespoke, luxury body grooming services; We change the narrative of the waxing experience.


Elevate Your Confidence

Our bespoke and personalized approach to services ensures you achieve unparalleled confidence. From Full Body Waxing to Intimate Area Enzyme and Hyperpigmentation Treatments, you can achieve clear, smooth skin while reducing irritation and dense hair growth.

Amplify your natural element

Discover the best version of yourself with
Luxe Edit Aesthetics’ brow lamination and lash lift cosmetic services. Embrace an elevated appearance that enhances your natural features, providing the confidence you need to excel in your endeavors, feeling polished and ready conquer any social or professional scene.

Luxury at Your Fingertips

Indulge in Luxe Edit Aesthetics’ luxury retail
products, designed to help you maintain your appearance effortlessly at home. With a focus on quality and performance, our carefully curated
selection of products offers simple solutions to your skin care necessities

WHY choose US

Luxe Edit Aesthetics

Maintaining an impeccable appearance is paramount in the fast-paced world of high-performance individuals, especially in the prestigious Silicon Valley, California. However, the constant demands of busy schedules and multiple responsibilities often leave little time for proper personal care. As a result, confidence can wane as one feels overwhelmed and busy, suffering from feelings of not presenting the best version of themselves in both social, personal and professional spheres.

At Luxe Edit Aesthetics, we recognize the stressful impact of your appearance not reflecting your high value standards and have carefully curated premiere waxing and cosmetic services to elevate your presence and personal branding without all the hassle. Luxe Edit Aesthetics offers exceptional services designed to enhance natural beauty and promote confidence, including Full Body Waxing, Brow Shaping, Lamination and Tinting, Lash Lifts and Tinting, as well as Intimate Area Skin Treatments. We take pride in our bespoke approach, offering personalized experiences using meticulously selected high- end products. With our efficiency and attention to detail, clients can enjoy a stress-free personal grooming protocol that fits seamlessly into their busy lives. Cleanliness and sanitation are paramount at our luxury studio and we take great delight in ensuring the utmost care and safety of every client.

In addition to our premium services, Luxe Edit Aesthetics extends its commitment to excellence through our purposefully selected retail products. Clients can confidently maintain their high-end appearance at home as our offerings cater to their unique needs and preferences.


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WHAT people experience FROM OUR SERVICES


Embrace the Luxe Experience

Discover a Bespoke Service where being well-groomed becomes and elevated journey toward harnessing captivating confidence and empowered allure.


Simplified Sophistication

Indulge in our custom curated services that are specifically tailored to ensure that you are cared for with the utmost precision and expertise.

Confidence Unleashed

Step into a world of elevated aesthetics, where you look exceptional and feel inspired to embrace life, confident in your own skin

Enhance Your Natural Essence

Experience treatments that enhance your natural attributes, leaving you less worried about your appearance and more ready to express the bold, beautiful you.


Effortless Elegance

The Luxe Edit Aesthetic experience offers you an enjoyable and efficient pampering session, so you can effortlessly walk away looking and feeling your absolute best.

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About the Brand

Luxe Edit Aesthetics

Welcome to the world of Luxe Edit Aesthetics. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to eliminate the complicated and stressful aspects associated with
personal care by offering a luxury experience using simple elevated protocols.

At the heart of our approach lies the dedication to delivering customized, high-quality services tailored to each client’s unique needs. Luxe Edit Aesthetics’
protocols are designed to ensure high-level attention to detail and commitment to providing top-notch care, ensuring that every visit is a rejuvenating and
transformative experience.

With a burning desire to change the narrative of waxing and cosmetic services, our team firmly believes that no one should have to settle for a low-quality service and questionable salon environments. We thrive when our exclusive
private clientele can confidently trust us with their personal care needs, knowing they deserve the best. Allow us the opportunity to partner with you in
crafting an unparalleled waxing and cosmetic service encounter.